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The Bolam Experts Difference- an MDT approach


Bolam Experts are different from most expert chambers in practising a group multi-disciplinary (MDT) approach.  Many cases are complex with involvement from multiple specialities.

Bolam Experts benefit from the advice and support of fellow experts in the chambers.  Our reports undergo internal peer-review prior to submission to ensure consistency, accuracy and adherence to instructions.   Our experience is that a group MDT approach bears fruit at conference, and reduces both time spent on explanatory discussion with counsel and the need for further expert opinion. 

When instructing through Bolam Experts you will normally instruct a single expert and incur charges only relating to that expert's opinion- group MDT discussion is included within that fee.


We are a small private chambers of experts, not an impersonal medico-legal agency.  Every instruction receives prompt personal attention from our dedicated case-handler. We offer superlative customer service, a transparent fee structure and sector-leading cost efficiency.  

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